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Foursquare ranks Tampa's top restaurants

Foursquare ranks Tampa's top restaurants

TAMPA, Fla. (TBO.com) - Using its users' nearly 4.5 billion check-ins and 30 million user-generated tips from last year, website Foursquare recently released its “best of 2013” guides for cities around the world, including Tampa.

According to the location-based social media site, the amount of check-ins (when users report they've visited a business), plus the amount of people who “liked” those spots, amounts to a guide “based on where people actually go.”

A quick look at Foursquare's “Best of Tampa 2013” shows us that based on local users, Tampa's diners weren't snobby about where they went to eat, considering independent fine-dining establishment Mise en Place (1,525 check-ins) was ranked right alongside blue-collar chain Chili's (7,584 check-ins) in the American restaurants category.

Top 10 American restaurants

1. Tampa Bay Brewing Company

2. Oxford Exchange

3. Eats American Grill

4. Kona Grill

5. Michael's 717 South

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