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Deputies say red light cameras work, Hillsborough commissioners agree

Deputies say red light cameras work, Hillsborough commissioners agree

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) - Hillsborough County Commissioners decided to get a report on the county's red light program after the cities of Tampa and St. Pete have recently decided to end their programs.

Sheriff's office officials said the cameras, which are placed six intersections in unincorporated Hillsborough, have reduced the number of crashes over the past few years, though incidents of crashes did go up a bit last year.

Col. Greg Brown of the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office says the $158-dollar red light camera tickets are not a big money-maker for the county, but that the cameras really work.

“No matter what side of the fence you’re on - for or against the cameras - I challenge you to tell me that your driving behavior has not changed due to the fact that red light cameras do exist there now. I mean I’ll tell you for a fact it’s affected myself, my family, everybody, because you pay more attention to it,” Brown said.


Commissioners agreed and accepted the latest report on the red light cameras.

Mark Sharpe, a Hillsborough County Commissioner, discusses red light cameras on AM Tampa Bay. Hear his interview below-


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